Craig Shirley is an author, historian and biographer who has written four books on President Ronald Reagan. His latest book, Last Act, describes Reagan’s life post-presidency and the legacy that emerged in his final years.

“Reagan is constantly evolving, constantly changing, not static,” Shirley said on today’s Federalist Radio Hour. “He was active his whole life and remained active. He was 81 years old, but he was a very good 81 years old.”

Shirley describes to us the shortcomings of other books on Reagan that have been publishing, most recently Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Reagan. “O’Reilly does not do his scholarship and it has misinformation big and small in there,” he said. “If you read Killing Reagan, you will come across things that just don’t seem right to you.”

Later in the hour we are joined by another author and historian, David Pietrusza. In his book out this week, 1932: The Rise of Hitler and FDR, Pietrusza juxtaposes the lives of these two men from different countries. “So much is happening in 1932 and 1933, and the parallels chronologically between the careers of Adolf Hitler and Franklin Roosevelt are pretty startling,” he said.