Imagine that everything you knew about living life was lost. You couldn’t do your job. You couldn’t even walk. You couldn’t recognize people by name, even your children. For Dr. Clark Elliot, a professor of Artificial Intelligence at DePaul University, this nightmare was his reality. To top it off, he was told he had a mild brain injury and that he’d have to live with his new normal. He rediscovered how to live his life with a evolutionary treatment of utilizing neurodevelopmental techniques with the help of an optometrist and a cognitive restructuring specialist. What they explored in the concept of brain plasticity. Listen to this fascinating talk with Dr. Elliot, Dr. Donalee Markus and Dr. Deborah Zelinsky. For those of you suffering from mTBI (mild traumatic brain injury), you will want to check Dr. Elliot’s website, which is constantly updated with new, groundbreaking research for anyone who has suffered a concussion and had it dramatically affect your life. His book is ‘The Ghost in My Brain‘.