Something is rotten in the state of Illinois. More people are leaving than coming and, despite the many qualities of life in the Chicagoland area, people are choosing to work and live in other states where they can, frankly, keep more of their money.

What would a healthier economy in our state entail? What can be done in Springfield to spur business? How can we cut the red tape of government to attract workers and industry and dissuade them from choosing Texas, Indiana, or a host of other states whose star is on the rise? How can we turn around schools in Chicago?

To discuss such matters, we turned to the Illinois Policy Institute–a remarkable organization that aims to present solutions to these very problems and much, much more.

Michael Lucci always has fantastic research into this, and we never miss it. Ted Dabrowski is also one of the top minds at IPI. They both joined Milt in studio to examine how to reverse the fortunes of our fine state.