Jesus is one of the greatest philosophers the Earth has ever known. He is the Son of God to many, a great prophet to others, and a rabble-rousing revolutionary to some. Then there’s the claim claim he didn’t exist. On the latter point, we feel that it is no point at all. To deny that Jesus was a living, breathing man is no longer consider an academic theory of any value. He walked, he talked, and he certainly was a thorn in the side of Rome. As to his relevance in the spiritual realm, that is another point altogether.

One of the foremost authorities on the life of Jesus is John Dominic Crossan. He just so happened to be back in town and we welcomed him to the studio for another in-depth discussion. He has a new book out, and was joined by our friend at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago‘s Ray Pickett. What a valuable and intriguing discussion!