The race for the presidency is in full swing. But what if the very seat on which so much money is spent and for which so many are running was too close to the very office–of king–than our founding fathers ever intended? That is the contention of F.H. Buckley, who has written a masterful work arguing just that. But as with so much scholarship, there is another side to the claim. Also joining us is Dr. William Howell–an eminent scholar–in his own right, who disagrees with much of Buckley’s assertion.

So as we explore the office of the presidency and its power–implicit and otherwise, we also turn to the race for the presidency that culminates in November of 2016. It’s been entertaining, to say the least. We check in with Kyle Kondik of Sabato’s Crystal Ball, who has analyzed the polls for the GOP nomination, and gives his analyses of the race thus far.