Today the Federalist Radio Hour heard from several journalists and national security experts in attempting to debrief and understand the terrorist attack in Orlando.

John Schindler, national security columnist at the Observer, said the gun control debate is a red herring. “If you simply say this is a crazy guy with a gun without looking at other motivations, you’re not going to vet the next one,” he said.

Michael Daly, is a special correspondent for the Daily Beast, and has reported on the killer’s personal background and family history. “Usually they acquire the weapons sometime before, but this was like he decided what he was going to do and just went ahead and did it,” Daly said.

M.G. Oprea, senior contributor at The Federalist, addressed the language that Obama and other leaders are deferring to as opposed to facing the reality of dangerous Islamic beliefs. “It’s more important to be careful not to criticize or offend anybody than it is to accurately assess the threat,” she said. “Obama and a lot of people on the left, cannot believe that people would have actual religious convictions that would lead them to do anything.”