Katherine Mangu-Ward, editor of Reason Magazine, and Mary Katharine Ham, senior writer at the Federalist, address all the buzz as of late about a possible presidential run by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. They also cover recent regulations and policy myths, such as rape touted as a pre-existing condition in the AHCA, and new laws against vaping.

“If we’re going to run celebrities, let’s run hotter, smarter ones. And the Rock is both hotter and smarter than the celebrities we have been running,” Ham said. “The Rock is something we can all agree on, and that would probably be ruined by running for office.”

The now-debunked idea that rape is a pre-existing condition is just one example of media healthcare narratives. “This idea that you take the absolute worst case of the absolute worst case ignoring a variety of political facts on the ground, as well as economic realities,” Mangu-Ward said.