Man is causing the Earth to warm. Industry and man’s poor stewardship of the planet will lead to our ruin. This is not an uncommon opinion held by many. Indeed, labeling it “opinion” is heretical in some circles. But as there are many instances of the Earth shedding one climate pattern for another throughout geological time, in other circles any change in long term weather patterns is to be expected, and former changes occurred long before man and certainly before we were burning fossil fuels.

Interestingly, for this program, we found no takers who were willing to debate the case against anthropogenic global warming with two researchers at the Heartland Institute, namely James Taylor, VP of the Institute and Steve Goreham, author of Executive Director of the Climate Science Coalition of America and the author of a great book on the subject. So Milt took up the role of opposition. What followed was an illuminating study into just what, if anything, is happening to the Earth that should cause us fear.