Will Rahn, digital politics managing editor at CBS News, joins Ben Domenech in studio to discuss his 2016 experience as a DC journalist and the unbearable smugness of the press. They also open the conversation about whether we still need a designated capital city in the modern era, and other ways that technology is disrupting our culture broadly.

“It made sense to have a capital when Hamilton and Jefferson made the deal. People didn’t want to travel that far… you couldn’t telecommute,” Rahn said. “What’s the point of having this entrenched elite in this peculiar little city on the Potomac?”

The communities and institutions of American life that originally made self-government possible have been increasingly on the decline, and inadequately replaced by social media. “The loss can be attributed to the degradation of people’s ability to step out on their front porch and look around,” Domenech said. “It gives you a semblance of having some kind of neighborhood connection, but one that has a lot less value.”