John Drummond has been on this program and its various iterations a number of times. He always has a story from his days as the venerable crime reporter at CBS2 here in Chicago. Perhaps no man knows the ins and outs of organized crime as much as he does.

On this program, we were pleased to be joined by two former commanders of the Chicago PD, namely former superintendent of police Matt Rodgriguez, the city’s first Hispanic top cop and head of the gambling unit, and David Boggs, former narcotics commander as well as commander of the 24th District (Rogers Park). On the docket were their memories of decades of service to this great city, as well as a look at the evolution of the criminal underworld, daily policing, community outreach and the recent erosion of relations between the boys in blue and many in our communities. There’s no shortage of ideas on how policing has changed, the challenges faced by law enforcement and the future of crime fighting and community building.