Robby Soave, associate editor at Reason, and Ben Domenech share their Election Night experiences and to discuss how the left’s culture of extreme political correctness was among the many reasons Donald Trump beat Hillary.

Soave said the people who voted for Trump have been repelled by far-left progressives who demand changing words they use and the video games they play. “I have been warning that this thing we saw happening on college campuses, and has moved onto Twitter, and is taking over lives…is going to inspire a terrifying backlash. And this is that backlash,” he said.

They discuss the degree to which the Clinton relied on celebrity endorsements while ignoring the lower middle class white historically-democratic voters. “Today’s modern progressives didn’t want to have to cater to them anymore,” Domenech They were happy catering to a more multi-cultural, college-educated, urban audience as opposed to dealing with a portion of their base, that was still from their perspective, stuck in the past.”