Rebecca Berg is a national political reporter at RealClear Politics and a political analyst at CNN. She sits down with Mary Katharine Ham in studio to recap this week’s news from the White House including Trump’s budget, the health care bill, the upcoming SCOTUS confirmation hearing, and the hiring of Omarosa as an assistant to the President.

Even though budgets coming from the President’s office rarely pass Congress, anger heightened this week over the cutting of funding for PBS or Meals on Wheels. “Even when we are talking about a budget that will never pass, we still can’t talk in a mature way about making priorities in a budget, which is what budgets are supposed to be,” Ham said.

Berg shares her reporting on the relationship between Donald Trump and his former “Apprentice” contestant, Omarosa. “She became the driving force behind the first season of the show… and so ever since then Donald Trump has held her in really high regard,” she said.