Mary Katharine Ham, senior writer, and Gracy Olmstead, associate managing editor, host the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the tension between the DNC and pro-life democrats, the outrage at Bill Nye, and the retirement of Dale Earnhardt Jr. from NASCAR.

Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez received blowback after endorsing a pro-life candidate for mayor of Omaha. “The ‘Cecile Richards view’ is the view of the Democratic Party and now they are saying ‘you can’t have another [view] in this party,” Ham said. “That’s fairly dangerous to building a coalition that can actually win.”

NASCAR race attendance is down, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. may have been the best face to bring in both the older and younger fans. “It’s a real open question where the sport goes from here. It’s an interesting evolution of a sport that really was this niche southern working class sport,” Ham said.