Ted Cruz largely defeated Donald Trump in the Wisconsin primary and Trump has now gone over a month without a single victory speech to give on air. Chris Moody, senior reporter for CNN, joined the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the Republican race, the delegates who will be attending their convention and the role that social media plays in the midst of it all.

Ted Cruz has to win on the stump, and if he doesn’t win on the stump, he doesn’t win on the floor in Cleveland. “We can’t understate how unpopular Ted Cruz is in Washington DC,” Moody said.

Cruz is now showing that he can not only rack up delegates, but take some away from Donald Trump. “He’s proving himself as the one who can do that,” Moody said. “There’s now hope for Republicans to keep Trump from that 1237 and that hope was not there a few weeks ago.”

Social media gives voters and delegates voices that they did not have before.  “They have been out in force flying the Bernie Sanders flag on Facebook and that can be good,” Moody said. “But there also have been many stories this year about how Bernie Sanders supporters have gone a little too far, and been a little too excited about their candidate.”