James Hohmann, Washington Post national political correspondent, discussed the role of confirmation bias in 2016, the names being floated for Trump’s cabinet appointments, and the lessons that the press should take away from this election.

Confirmation bias is a human condition in which we corroborate what we expect to happen. “I think we put too much emphasis on the polls,” Hohmann said. “We shouldn’t have treated the polls like they show her up by eight when she was really up by three… the anecdotal stuff needs to matter, that needs to get more attention in the future.”

Hohmann discussed the differences between people inside and outside Washington DC reacting to a Trump administration, as well as Obama’s downplaying of how much damage Trump will actually do. “If it’s not that big a deal to be president for four or eight years, then how can you in the next breath talk about how transformational your presidency was?” Hohmann asked.