Emily Ekins, research fellow and director of polling at the Cato Institute, shared some of her latest polling data on Federalist Radio. Domenech and Ekins discuss what polling says about immigration, refugees, cops, and the differences between Democratic women and Republican women who say they’ve been discriminated against.

Sometimes media coverage or reactions shared on Facebook and Twitter are not accurate representations of how most Americans feel about an issue. “They actually found plurality to perhaps a slim majority in support of some sort of temporary ban like the one we saw this weekend,” she said. “The truth is people don’t feel comfortable sharing their true feelings, which is a slim majority to a plurality support what [Trump] did.”

Emily also shares some of her research on policing in America and how different communities, races, income levels view the police. “There are two things that stand out. Perceptions of unequal treatment under the law… and use of force. Those two perceptions really drive all these other attitudes about the police,” she said.