T. Becket Adams, commentary writer at the Washington Examiner, explains this trending conversation on “fake news” on the Federalist Radio Hour with Ben Domenech. They also discuss what journalists and newsrooms can do to improve their reporting, as opposed to doubling down on the approaches they had been using prior to the election.

A lot of major media outlets are talking about fake news as a way to pass the buck of their failure to fairly report on the election. On the other hand, “Fake news has become some sort of rallying cry for conservatives who have long been irked by the media’s sloppy reporting,” Adams said.

Adams and Domenech describe the DC groupthink and the media’s blindspots that impaired their coverage. “They didn’t see any of it coming. There was a reason there was a general consensus, which is got to the point where even (Hillary Clinton’s) own campaign bought it.” he said.