Bre Payton, staff writer at the Federalist, and Inez Stepman, senior contributor at the Federalist, discuss the ins and outs of style, beauty, Vogue, fashion, and why conservatives should care about the culture.

“There should still be a way that a woman opens a magazine and sees something that’s relevant to her life,” Stepman said. “There’s a not insubstantial minority of women who vote Republican. There’s a not insubstantial minority of women who voted for Donald Trump, and they read fashion magazines too.”

Payton and Stepman argue over whether Melania Trump is fashionable. “There’s a difference between beautiful and fashionable…It’s not that I think her outfits are ugly. It’s that they don’t convey any sense of style,” Stepman said. “To me they almost look like she sent the gopher out to pick out some stuff at Gucci.”